Martes, Pebrero 9, 2016

Uber Partner Driver Registration Guide

Six months ago, I decided to buy my own car. I got a nice little car from myself and I named it Ringo. I remember the marketing officer telling me to sign up Ringo to Uber so I can earn additional income. Well because I love my car so much and because it is my first car, I decided not to sign-up for Uber. I know a lot of people that are earning money through Uber and they are getting quite a huge amount of money. To those who would like to sign-up please check the step-by-step instruction below.

Step 1: Create Partner Profile
Go to  and  choose the city you want to drive in (i.e. “Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines”).
Select your Vehicle Type and Uber Partner Type:
Vehicle Types: UberX or UberBlack. Check this post describing the difference.
If you need a list of accepted vehicles for Uber Manila, refer here.
Partner Account Types: If you will drive your own registered car, select Partner-Driver. If you are a car owner with hired driver/s, select Partner-Operator. Refer to this post to know the difference.
You’ll be taken to this page. Fill in the required fields.

Step 2: Register your Banking Details
In your dashboard, click on the “Banking” menu and you will be taken to another page (
Important Notes:
·         Make sure the name you register is the exact name of the bank account you’re trying to enroll
·         the Uber partner (account holder) and the name on the registered bank account does NOT need to be the same
·         For Bank SWIFT/BIN Code, refer to this link.

Step 3: Enroll a Driver
You’ll need the following details about your driver/s: Driver Name, Cellphone Number, Email Address, Username and Password (you’ll create these) . You can add several drivers including yourself, if you know the limit on the number of vehicles you can enroll, please share with us in the comments.
1.    Professional Driver’s License  + OR
2.    NBI Clearance
3.    PNP Clearance (for LTFRB Compliance)
If you have an existing Partner account and want to add a driver, Refer here.

Step 4: Enroll a Vehicle
In the dashboard, you need to add a vehicle and indicate these details about your vehicle: model, make, year, color of interior and exterior. Then, upload the required  documents as follows:
1.    Proof of Vehicle Registration: LTO Registration/ ORCR/ Sales Invoice
2.    Proof of Insurance: Comprehensive or TPL
3.     Four (4) Pictures of your vehicle: Front External View (License/CS visible), Rear External View (License/CS visible), Inside View Dashboard Console and Inside View Backseat
Important Notes:
·         Make sure the documents are valid and not expired, expiration date is correct and documents are clearly seen
·         Model of the vehicle has to be NOT older than 3 years from year of application (as per LTFRB Regulation).  If you’ll register in 2015, car cannot be older than 2012.
·         You can add multiple vehicles in your Uber Partner account, if you know the limit on the number of vehicles you can enroll, let us know in the comments below.
·         The name on the Proof of Registration and Proof of Insurance has to be the SAME
·         The name of the Uber Partner (account holder) and the name on the Proof of Registration and Insurance does NOT need to be the same
·         Uber will deduct a Passenger Accident Insurance on your first pay out. This is Php 165 per passenger per year. This depends on the passenger capacity of your vehicle. Sample computation 5 seats (4 passenger + 1 driver) x Php 165 = Php 825 per year.
·         If you have an account and want to add a vehicle,refer to this post to know how.

IMPORTANT: If you are NOT the car owner of the vehicle you registered with Uber, you MUST read this article about getting TNVS and LTFRB Accreditation if vehicle is not under your name.
Step 5: Driver On-Boarding/ Orientation
Once you’ve completed the requirements, you can go to any of Uber’s office for Driver Orientation and Onboarding. Below are the schedules or you can refer to this ONBOARDING SCHEDULE. After this, Uber will do a background check and results will be released via e-mail after 7 business days.


·         Address: SMX Convention Center, SM Aura, BGC
·         Monday – Friday: 10am to 6pm (except non-working holidays)
·         Saturday: 10am to 2pm (except non-working holidays)


·         Address: Regus, 5th Floor Gateway Tower, Gen. Roxas Avenue cor. Gen. Aguinaldo Avenue, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City, Manila
·         Monday – Friday: 11am to 6pm (except non-working holidays)
·         Uber we will accept walk-ins for onboarding any time within these specified hours.
Important Notes:
·         For faster transaction, UPLOAD all the driver document requirements first before going in for Onboarding.
·         If you haven’t uploaded yet, remember to bring a valid Professional Driver’s License or government-issued photo ID.
·         Regus’ office policies, shorts and slippers are not allowed.
·         Please bring your Professional Drivers License to the onboarding – and also bring a second ID to leave at the reception.
·         No need to bring the vehicle for physical inspection.
·         You can go for Driver On-Boarding as soon as you’ve uploaded all the requirements above. No need to wait for the document status to be “Active”.
·         Only those who will be driving are required to attend (example: if you sign up as a Partner-Operator but do NOT plan to drive – only your DRIVER needs to attend onboarding.
Step 6: Uber Device Issuance
Once you have an active driver and vehicle assigned to your account, you will eligible to claim a device. Devices can be shared by drivers and vehicles; drivers would simply need to login to their individual driver accounts and choose the appropriate vehicle upon login. Please note that the number of devices issued to you is based on the number of active drivers and active vehicles registered to your account, WHICHEVER IS LOWER.
You have two choices to schedule your device pick-up or refer to this device options and issuance schedule:

You can now schedule your device pickup online! Receive your device in a matter of minutes as long as you arrive during your designated time slot. No more long waits! Online appointments must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.
Click on this link to schedule your pickup:
For those who do not wish to set an appointment online, regular device issuance hours are10am-3pm, Monday – Friday at the SMX Convention Center, SM Aura Tower, 26th Street Corner McKinley Parkway, Bonifacio Global City.  Those who arrive after will NOTbe issued a device.
You can now also pick-up device in Regus, Cubao at 11am-6pm Tuesday to Fridays in 5th Floor, Regus, Gateway Tower, Araneta Center, Cubao. Please note that there’s NO device issuance on Mondays in Cubao.
Before coming in to claim your device, please make sure that you have ACTIVE vehiclesregistered to your account. If you have recently added a vehicle and it is still in ‘PENDING’ status, please send an e-mail at so Uber can review approve the vehicle. Vehicles must have complete documents before they can be activated.
Only active partners or active drivers can claim a device. Representatives are not allowed.
Step 7: Get LTFRB Accreditation
Once you are successful in your registration as a Parnter with Uber, you’ll need to get LTFRB Accreditation.

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Biyernes, Enero 29, 2016

Keeping the Faith in HIM

                I am taking this opportunity to share how me and my family managed to have a good life despite of losing our dad in an early age. My family is not well off. My dad works as a maintenance in a school in Quezon City while my mom is just a plain housewife. I am the eldest and I was thirteen when he passed away while our youngest was only less than a year. I remember how my mom cried for she lost her husband and she doesn’t know what to do to support her five kids. My mom worked as a housekeeper. I remember visiting her on the house where she works after school. I hate it whenever I see her being asked to do an errand especially of someone we don’t know but because I don’t have a work, I can’t do anything about it but to watch and help her if I can. We were lucky enough for God has touched one of my mom’s employer to support me in school. I was in my fourth year college when my mom’s employer passed away. Because we don’t have enough money, I was not able to finish my studies and had to find a work.

                Looking for work, I thought I should go for a high paying job but because I’m not able to finish my studies that would be hard. Feeling determined, I went to apply for a customer service position at a BPO company for I heard back then that they offer a decent pay. I almost cried when I was advised that I was accepted. Worked as CSR for two years and eventually was hired for QA Analyst position. After three years, I was promoted to QA Supervisor and then I finally asked my mom to quit her job. Right now, I was able to get my own car and planning to buy a house for my family. You see, you don’t have to be upset when someone you depend on disappears but keep in mind that God knows all your needs and he is the great provider… all we have to do is to pray and keep our Faith in HIM.

Miyerkules, Setyembre 23, 2015

ALDUB's Magic

Honestly I'm not a regular viewer of noon time shows. My family always watch Eat Bulaga and that's part of their daily routine.

However, recently I found myself hooked up to the television especially if it's time for "Juan for All and All for Juan" why not? All of the characters are funny plus the kilig factor that you get each time you watch Alden and Maine. You can see that they are having fun plus it makes you feel good that you forget all your stress while watching them.

I don't know what formula they used but they sure are able to capture almost everyone's attention. Noon time is family time for us. That's the time where all of us gather together and enjoy watching Eat Bulaga and ALDUB.

Biyernes, Marso 27, 2015

Buntot Palos Falls

Summer time means adventure for me. Usually every summer I search for places where we can have an adventure like spelunking, trekking and of course swimming. This time I decided to go to a very beautiful falls located in Pangil Laguna. The falls is called "Buntot Palos"

The guides are very friendly plus we feel very safe for they are also the barangay security in the area.

We had to hike for almost 2hours to get to the falls. Trail was pretty hard for a newbie like me but falls was worth it.

Huwebes, Disyembre 11, 2014

Filing 2305 Form to BIR

Yesterday I went to BIR in Capitolyo Pasig. Went there before 8AM and saw few people waiting so I thought that this is gonna be easy. Thought everything will go smoothly until I realized that I am in a Goverment office which means I it will not be easy at all. Saw an announcement and it says that they will experience system issue starting December twelve and will resume on January. I told myself that I only have today to file the form otherwise, there will be no deduction on the tax that I'm paying.  Got my stub and was waiting to be called. Then I heard them said that they are having system issue and that they cannot accept updates and applications for the time being. I came from my shift so you can imagine how frustrated I am when I heard the news. When we heard the news, we rushed to the counter to ask questions like if the system will be back up within the day. I am very disappointed on how they handled the situation. They don't respect other people's time for they didn't even try to do something to help us. They know that the system will be down starting tomorrow and yet they've talked to us as if there is nothing we can do.

The representative assigned to the counter left and we can all see him chit chatting with his co-workers. I was thinking that he is trying to avoid us and that made me feel very frustrated. My co-worker who is also trying to file his update of status form told me that he will go back later so I thought maybe he can submit my form as well. I had to make sure so we asked the guard. He said yes but I have to make sure so I went to a representative who is not doing anything and to my disbelief the representative said that he don't know and that I should ask the person on the assigned counter. I told him that the representative left and then he responded by saying "then ask the next counter"

Unfortunately, all the feedback that I heard from other people regarding government offices are true. They are assigned an easy task and yet they all seemed uninterested.

Biyernes, Marso 7, 2014

Mango Pavlova by Delize

I was looking for the perfect cake to give to my QA Analyst and then someone suggested Mango Pavlova to me. Without thinking about how it taste, I decided to order. I was surprised that everyone loved it. Some said it is even better to Mango Bravo. Mango Pavlova is topped with fresh mangoes, strawberries and kiwi. It's very creamy and not too sweet. Everyone who is not really in cakes liked it.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to take a picture of the cake but I found one online.


If you want to check it out you may contact Delize by Jill Sandique. Address is 33 Sunrise Drive, Cubao, Quezon City. +63 922 826 2673 or 7217022.

Miyerkules, Hunyo 12, 2013

Man of Steel Movie Review

Watched Man of Steel today with my boyfriend and first thing I noticed is that Superman has lots of fan. I mean with all the superhero thingy going on I’d say he really is Superman and he is special. I am no Superman fan but since it is my duty to accompany my boyfriend then I guess I had no choice (lol). The film compared to the previous Superman movie is a lot better. Fighting scenes are great plus it has a good story line. Of course it shows how Superman met Lois but it also shows how it all began. Graphics is awesome especially during fighting scenes. Of all Superhero movies this is one of best movie that has great fighting scenes if you ask me. J The theme of the movie is quite serious compared to other Superman films I guess that is because it was directed and produced by those people who also worked on Dark Knight. Plus this film is not boring from start to end which is good cause it means it’s worth my time and money. I will not say anything more cause I don’t want to spoil your mood cause I know you will or at least most of you will definitely take time to watch the movie and I hope you guys will enjoy it too.

For more information about the film visit the Man of Steel website.