Biyernes, Marso 7, 2014

Mango Pavlova by Delize

I was looking for the perfect cake to give to my QA Analyst and then someone suggested Mango Pavlova to me. Without thinking about how it taste, I decided to order. I was surprised that everyone loved it. Some said it is even better to Mango Bravo. Mango Pavlova is topped with fresh mangoes, strawberries and kiwi. It's very creamy and not too sweet. Everyone who is not really in cakes liked it.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to take a picture of the cake but I found one online.


If you want to check it out you may contact Delize by Jill Sandique. Address is 33 Sunrise Drive, Cubao, Quezon City. +63 922 826 2673 or 7217022.

Miyerkules, Hunyo 12, 2013

Man of Steel Movie Review

Watched Man of Steel today with my boyfriend and first thing I noticed is that Superman has lots of fan. I mean with all the superhero thingy going on I’d say he really is Superman and he is special. I am no Superman fan but since it is my duty to accompany my boyfriend then I guess I had no choice (lol). The film compared to the previous Superman movie is a lot better. Fighting scenes are great plus it has a good story line. Of course it shows how Superman met Lois but it also shows how it all began. Graphics is awesome especially during fighting scenes. Of all Superhero movies this is one of best movie that has great fighting scenes if you ask me. J The theme of the movie is quite serious compared to other Superman films I guess that is because it was directed and produced by those people who also worked on Dark Knight. Plus this film is not boring from start to end which is good cause it means it’s worth my time and money. I will not say anything more cause I don’t want to spoil your mood cause I know you will or at least most of you will definitely take time to watch the movie and I hope you guys will enjoy it too.

For more information about the film visit the Man of Steel website.

Huwebes, Mayo 30, 2013

Comedy that's Not Funny At All

We all just want to have fun do we? That's what we can all say whenever we hear bad comments over a joke. But are we really being sensitive on how others feel or we really don't mind them because we are thinking that it is just a joke and it doesn't supposed to mean anything at all. What's funny is that we can make good laughs over bad things but what about those people who have experienced or is experiencing hat bad things? I guess we need to think before we say anything right? It's not just because we want don't like to have fun but we want to make sure that we can make fun in a way that nobody will hurt in exchange. Recently there's a big news over a gang rape joke. I personally will feel offended if I hear my name over that joke but luckily I'm no celebrity so that's not going to happen. But if that will happen to me I will feel bad because number one though it is just a joke it can also affect rape victims and to make fun on how I look. I understand the intention of the comedian but I believe she failed to consider how the person involved on her joke will feel. But good thing everything is now okay between the two but I hope that they learned a lesson and that is to be sensitive to other people.  

Biyernes, Agosto 31, 2012

Watch Moon Embraces the Sun Online

One of the best Korean Drama that I watched this year is “Moon Embraces the Sun” It is about a love story between a King and a shaman. This is a very interesting drama. Not the typical historical drama where you usually see battle scenes and all but it is more like a fantasy love story because it involves magic. Yes it involves conspiracy and greed over power but what I like the most about this series is how the King fought for his love where he didn’t allow anyone to stop him from knowing the truth. I’d love to tell you everything but I won’t spoil it to those who are planning to watch the drama. All I can say is, this is a very good drama.

Main cast on this drama are Kim Soo Hyun, Han Ga In, Jung Il Woo, Yeo Jin Goo, Kim Yoo Jung, Lee Min-Ho, and Kim Min Seo. This series was aired by MBC. You can watch the entire episode online at Kimchi Dramas website.

Miyerkules, Agosto 22, 2012

Thought I would Enjoy iPhone Guess I was Wrong

I bought iPhone 4s May 2012. At first I was happy with its features and all but one day the HOME BUTTON is not working. I am really frustrated right now. I searched online on how I can fix the issue but doing all that calibration stuff didn’t work. So I went ahead and used the “Assistive Touch” Still if the home button is not working and you are using “Assistive Touch” it doesn’t mean that the issue has been resolved. The fact that you are using assistive touch is because the home button is busted so I am still frustrated. Then suddenly I noticed an issue with the audio. Whenever I try to watch a video or open an application the sound will disappear and I also notice that the bar where you can adjust the volume is gone. They said cleaning the port and the headphone jack will do the trick and guess what? Still not working!!! I hope Apple will do something about this issue. I know they are aware of these issues because I am not the only one who’s experiencing these problems. Price of their product is no joke. Money is money meaning we all don’t want to waste our money into buying something that isn’t worth it. 

Purely Politics

It is really fun here in the Philippines. They can take advantage of every situation.  I hope I am wrong but it seems that all those politicians are doing something to remind people that they exist and that they want our vote. I’m sure that they want to help but I am also sure that they are hoping to get something from what they are doing. (It boils down to your vote) At this time we can see TV commercials from those politicians. To be honest I am not really interested in those politicians but I am getting tired of seeing them trying hard to get vote. I’d say most of them are fakes and what’s disappointing is those who are worthy are not getting any chance especially if they don’t have enough money. Government is pushing bills (redundant bills like RH BILL) where they say EVERYONE will benefit but what’s true is they’ll benefit more at the back end. Population is not the reason why our country is poor but those selfish Government officials. STOP corruption and we can all escape poverty. 

Martes, Hunyo 12, 2012

Professional Squatters?

You see the major problem in the Philippines is POVERTY. But mind you a lot of middle class people who can buy a decent house are choosing to live in a tenement that is built for people who can’t afford a house meaning for the poor.  I can say that because I live in decent community but we don’t have a land title. I guess I brought up this issue because of an incident that made me realize that most middle class people in our country doesn’t want to live properly meaning if they can get something for free they will gladly do that and they can do worse if it means earning more money. I live in Brgy San Vicente. Because of the fire incident on May 18, 2012 two building in UP BLISS were burnt.  It started because of two open wires and you know what’s next. My mom’s house was just few houses away from the house where the fire started so you can say that our house was also caught on fire.  Yeah there’s a creek and there are families who built a house near or on top of the creek which is very close to UP Bliss. After the fire, those people in UP BLISS went to the Barangay to petition that those people living near the creek to be removed because they caused the fire. One thing that I remember during the fire is while all of us were busy getting out in our houses I can see those people living in that two building in UP bliss smiling as if they are watching a movie. They could have helped those people who are trying to stop the fire from spreading so they can at least prevent the fire from reaching their building.

They are so mad at us and they keep on cursing us whenever they see us. Those who are living in UP Bliss they don’t have a title. They were given a house for free when in fact those building are for those families who cannot afford to get their own house. And much worst, they get to live for free and they get to build houses near each building and so they have those houses rented to earn extra money. Who are the professional squatters now? We don’t want to live in a place that it isn’t ours but we have no choice because we don’t have enough money but look at them. They choose to live in UP Bliss because they will not need to pay for anything even if they can afford to get a house.  They will not stop until everyone living near their buildings is removed.  They are so selfish and I just wish that government will be able to do something about it. You see they will not have any problem with illegal settlers if they will not allow people like those people residing in UP Bliss to live in a house that is meant for poor families. If you watch the news it is as if they are the only victim in the fire now I know how life in this country works and it really sucks!

I just hope that there will not be a day that those people will need other people’s help because it if happens I don’t know if someone will come to help them.