Miyerkules, Hunyo 12, 2013

Man of Steel Movie Review

Watched Man of Steel today with my boyfriend and first thing I noticed is that Superman has lots of fan. I mean with all the superhero thingy going on I’d say he really is Superman and he is special. I am no Superman fan but since it is my duty to accompany my boyfriend then I guess I had no choice (lol). The film compared to the previous Superman movie is a lot better. Fighting scenes are great plus it has a good story line. Of course it shows how Superman met Lois but it also shows how it all began. Graphics is awesome especially during fighting scenes. Of all Superhero movies this is one of best movie that has great fighting scenes if you ask me. J The theme of the movie is quite serious compared to other Superman films I guess that is because it was directed and produced by those people who also worked on Dark Knight. Plus this film is not boring from start to end which is good cause it means it’s worth my time and money. I will not say anything more cause I don’t want to spoil your mood cause I know you will or at least most of you will definitely take time to watch the movie and I hope you guys will enjoy it too.

For more information about the film visit the Man of Steel website.

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