Biyernes, Agosto 31, 2012

Watch Moon Embraces the Sun Online

One of the best Korean Drama that I watched this year is “Moon Embraces the Sun” It is about a love story between a King and a shaman. This is a very interesting drama. Not the typical historical drama where you usually see battle scenes and all but it is more like a fantasy love story because it involves magic. Yes it involves conspiracy and greed over power but what I like the most about this series is how the King fought for his love where he didn’t allow anyone to stop him from knowing the truth. I’d love to tell you everything but I won’t spoil it to those who are planning to watch the drama. All I can say is, this is a very good drama.

Main cast on this drama are Kim Soo Hyun, Han Ga In, Jung Il Woo, Yeo Jin Goo, Kim Yoo Jung, Lee Min-Ho, and Kim Min Seo. This series was aired by MBC. You can watch the entire episode online at Kimchi Dramas website.

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